Membership portal for JHC

Membership portal for Jaffna Hindu College

Former students of Jaffna Hindu Boys High School who are now residing in the UK were gathered by the Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys Association-United Kingdom.
Therefore, they decided to create a membership portal for JHC to maintain and renew the membership of their former students from Jaffna Hindu College. To help them accomplish their goals through the Development of a Membership Portal for JHC, we assess their issues and concerns.
The JHC Old Boys Association had numerous challenges when trying to manually maintain the memberships and related information. Consider membership management software as a database that enables to keep all the data you have gathered about people who have ever been members of their group. The JHC Old Boys Association’s membership portal management system was created to assist them in streamlining their member communications, as well as to collect and share data for targeted membership group purposes
When maintaining manual process, the Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys Association-United Kingdom encountered the following problems:
As a result, the infonits team has offered the Old Boys Association solutions using their technical and experience-based knowledge to recommend this portal with high-featured modules and flexible usage capabilities
The following features can be maintained through this portal:

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